We are very much hoping the R number can be dramatically reduced over the next 8 weeks enabling more activities to take place, including Pied Piper. Wow-wouldn't that be a mega welcome positive signal for us all!

So we are still working on running a Summer programme but there are several gateways we have to pass through:

  • Government permission is granted
  • Schools agree to rent their facilities
  • We can run a fun and, most importantly, safe programme

So we are not at the point of cancelling our camps,  but are working through a whole myriad of scenarios in the hope we can run. These include staggered registrations/programmes, limiting camp and group sizes, rigorous staff testing at least twice a week, face masks and of course strict hygiene. But the absolute priority has to be the safety and welfare of the children, their families and of course Team Yellow.

Things are changing daily, just think where we were 8 weeks ago! There is still 10 weeks to go until camps were due to start, but we feel it right to make a final decision as to whether there will be Pied Piper Summer 2020 by 7th July 2020. (To coincide with a Government Next Steps briefing). In the meantime please keep safe and if looking for some ideas, check-out our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7XW6g3qVKAjRHit1ZYSeuQ

Last updated 15/5/20